Top 6 Yoga Forms to Lose Weight

Each form of yoga has its intensity, so it differs per form how many calories you burn. Below you will find the top 6 yoga forms to lose weight.

Yoga Forms to Lose Weight

Top 6 Yoga Forms to Lose Weight

1. Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga focuses on the combination of postures and breathing. Vinyasa Yoga is highly similar to Ashtanga Yoga in its style and structure. The difference between these forms is that the postures and sequence in Ashtanga Yoga are fixed.

At Vinyasa Yoga, there is more room for creativity. There is no strict order that you have to follow, so the interpretation and implementation of the yoga session can be different every time. With Vinyasa Yoga, you burn between 473 and 630 calories per hour.

2. Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is also called Hot Yoga and is suitable for weight loss. Bikram Yoga is done in a room where it is about 40 degrees. In a Bikram yoga session, you perform 26 different yoga postures.

Because it is so hot, you will sweat a lot. As a result, you get rid of many waste products, improve blood circulation, and get flexible muscles. With Bikram Yoga, you burn between 269 and 540 calories per hour.

Bikram Yoga often uses a yoga towel and a yoga mat with anti-slip because you usually sweat a lot with this yoga form. With Bikram Yoga, you can lose weight very well.

3. Ashtanga Yoga

With Ashtanga Yoga, also called Power Yoga, you perform different physical postures (asanas) one after the other, which you repeat continuously. Because of the mix of different exercises, you use many different muscles.

Your muscles are stimulated again and again by the following pose. This makes your body more flexible and (depending on the postures) you will also become more robust.

In Ashtanga Yoga, the yoga postures are accompanied by proper breathing. The breathing technique ensures that you gain reasonable control over your body and breathing.

Because you continuously repeat the exercises, Power Yoga is suitable for your condition and for losing weight. With Ashtanga Yoga, you burn between 268 and 502 calories per hour.

4. Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the most famous yoga forms. Many other types of yoga have arisen from Hatha Yoga. Hatha combines the sun (Ha) and the moon (Tha). Central to this is the balancing of opposites.

This form of yoga also aims to build a bridge between everything inside and outside the body. Hatha Yoga combines breathing and various postures with many other yoga forms.

Furthermore, Hatha Yoga reduces stress, it is healthy for the nervous system and organs, among other things, and this yoga form relaxes your body. With Hatha Yoga, you burn between 141 and 320 calories per hour. If you are looking for extra support, it is best to purchase a thick yoga mat.

5. Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is a form of yoga in which precision and alignment are of paramount importance. Iyengar Yoga is a relatively active form of yoga and ensures a detailed alignment between breathing and the different postures.

The different poses are held for a long time and aids are used, such as yoga blocks and other yoga accessories. Balancing your body as perfectly as possible ensures that you develop your mind.

In addition, Iyengar Yoga ensures a better posture during and after the yoga session. With Iyenger Yoga, you burn between 143 and 270 calories per hour.

6. Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a calm yoga form where you hold different postures for a more extended period. The goal is not to get into different poses quickly but to hold the pose and feel better because of it.

Relaxation, both physical and mental, is the most crucial goal in Yin Yoga. In Yin Yoga, you focus on the here and now. Because this yoga form is very calm, you burn fewer calories. This form of yoga is less suitable for losing weight.

With Yin Yoga, you burn between 100 and 310 calories per hour. Since Yin Yoga is a gentle yoga form, we recommend using yoga socks and gloves. This gives you extra grip and keeps your hands and feet warm.

5 Tips for Losing Weight With Yoga

  1. Choose an active form of yoga. With active yoga forms, such as Bikram Yoga or Power Yoga, your heart rate increases, your blood circulation is stimulated and waste products are removed faster. This can cause you to burn more calories.
  2. Choose a yoga form that suits you. Even more important than choosing an active yoga form is choosing the yoga form that suits you.
    It is better to practice a slightly less active form of yoga that you find pleasant than that you reluctantly start doing Bikram Yoga, for example. By finding a way of yoga that suits you, you can last longer and enjoy the other benefits of yoga (besides burning calories).
  3. Respect your boundaries and do not cross them. Yoga can be difficult, but remember to keep your body in mind when practicing. When you exceed your limits, the risk of injury is more significant. This can temporarily halt the weight loss.
  4. Practice yoga regularly. As with other forms of sport, yoga is also the case that it is best to lose weight if you do this regularly, for example, 2 or 3 times spread over the week. You will lose weight faster with half an hour of yoga three times a week than with an hour and a half of yoga once a week.
    Regularly doing a short yoga session keeps your body moving and flexible. When you regularly practice yoga, you must have a good yoga mat. Are you an experienced yogi or yogini? Then make sure you have a professional yoga mat. With a yoga bag, you can easily transport your yoga mat.
  5. Combine yoga with other sports. By doing other (home) sports and yoga, such as cardio, you burn calories faster and lose weight faster with yoga.
    Performing yoga poses strengthens your muscles and improves your fitness, which can also come in handy in other sports. The same applies the other way around: if you regularly practice other sports and become stronger, this will come in handy for many yoga postures!

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