How To Remove Candle Wax Or Wax From Clothes

How To Remove Candle Wax Or Wax From Clothes

We discover several valuable methods for cleaning clothes and fabrics from wax, of whatever type it comes from. Remove the wax, put the wax ‘taught the master Miyagi to the young Daniel Larusso in the legendary film Karate Kid.

If you love to organize candlelit dinners with your partner, or maybe you use candles for meditation, you have probably happened to get stained and think about that movie.

We know that candle wax is a rigid material to remove from tissues and clothes, especially when creating a lot of great spots. This is because the wax is not a soluble material, so it is useless to soak your clothes in hopes of cleaning them.

It would be nice to have a household appliance like the floor steam cleaner that can also be used on clothes to remove wax, but it hasn’t been invented yet.

If you wonder how to remove wax from clothing, know that you will have to use particular methods, some of which involve using particular appliances such as iron and the freezer!

How To Remove Candle Wax Or Wax From Clothes

How to Remove Wax From Clothes

Cold Methods

Cold methods involve the use of low temperatures to solidify the wax and then remove it. For example, it is recommended to put the garment stained by wax in an envelope and then in the freezer.

It must be left inside for at least fifteen minutes before removing it and checking if the wax has solidified. If the result is positive, you can begin to remove it using a knife or an awl, obviously paying a minimum of attention so as not to damage the fabric. This system is especially suited to very resistant fabrics, as the cold could ruin the most sensitive ones.

Hot Methods

If putting your clothes in the freezer together with the food seems a bit ‘out of place,’ you can try to remove the wax with a hot method. It is a prevalent and effective system used with garments and linen produced with soft fabrics.

How to melt the wax? Simple, all you have to do is fill a pot with water and boil it. A course to a boil, all you have to do is insert the stained part of the fabric inside the pot and wait until the wax has melted completely. This method also works with objects, such as candle holders or saucers where the wax may have fallen.

How to Remove Wax From Newly Stained Clothes

What can you do if you wax your restaurant candles while out for dinner? The best solution is to use a toothbrush soaked in a bit of alcohol to remove the wax when it has not solidified immediately.

Not everyone brings alcohol and a toothbrush with them when they go out for dinner, but maybe if you go out for a date or a business dinner with formal attire, you might think about preventing it from avoiding alarming figures.

Use the Iron

Another hot method widely used to remove wax from fabrics is to pass the iron on clothes, placing a sheet of absorbent paper on the stained part. Before proceeding, remember not to use the iron in steam mode.

Otherwise, you could damage the fabric. Once the iron has been used, some marks may remain on the fabrics. To remove them, wipe with a cotton swab or a cotton swab impregnated with alcohol.

Use the Hairdryer

Among the hot methods, we also find the one that includes the use of the hairdryer. This system works particularly well with solid objects, but you can also try it on sturdy fabrics.

All you have to do is heat the wax with the hairdryer, setting it to hot air. Point the hairdryer at the wax a few centimeters away to not damage the object or the fabrics. Once the stain has dissolved, you can remove it with a damp cloth, using a detergent on the parts of wax that have remained attached.

Compressed Air

The very convenient cold method involves using a can of compressed air. These cans allow both to remove dust from household appliances and devices such as PCs or laptops.

To use cold air, you must hold the can horizontally and press the button. The method is beneficial with minor stains on furniture caused by a melted candle or fabrics such as leather and hide.

Once cooled, the wax can be easily removed with a card or a knife, always taking care not to scratch the table. After removing the wax, wipe clean with a cloth to complete the cleaning.

How to Remove Wax From Shoes

To remove wax from shoes, you can use the same methods for underwear and clothing, as long as the shoes are made of waterproof leather. For canvas shoes, on the other hand, it is advisable to use the hairdryer by setting it to maximum heat.

But remember to place a sheet of tissue paper on the stain before activating the hairdryer so as not to damage the canvas.

Once you have finished heating and melting the wax, we recommend that you wash the shoe by hand with a cloth or use the washing machine with the program for delicates. Once you have finished washing, leave the shoe to dry in the sun.

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