Garden Construction With Douglas Pergola and Decking Terrace

Garden Construction With Douglas Pergola and Decking Terrace

This garden, including a Douglas pergola and decking, underwent a true metamorphosis. From a garden full of sand, old pavement and some plants to a very sleek and stylish garden with timber construction, brand new pavement and beautiful borders.

We take you through the process and the result! Have a look at the end result below. You can drag the beam and see the situation before and after the landscaping! At the bottom of this page you will find some beautiful pictures of this garden!

Garden Construction With Douglas Pergola and Decking Terrace

Clearing Out the Garden

Sometimes we create new gardens, but also gardens that have been there for a while, such as this one, can often use a change. This gives the customer new pleasure in the garden and we are also very satisfied afterwards. So get started! Our men removed the old pavement and plants from the garden. Only then can you really start over!

Willow Mat Fence

On one side of the garden you will find a fence of willow mats. We attached these mats to a steel frame against the fence. They give a natural look to the garden and color nicely with the other elements in the garden.

Douglas Pergola

When talking about this garden, you can’t ignore the Douglas pergola. This one is built with thick piles that are not to be missed. The base is underground, where the 3.5-metre piles first go in for a while. The beams are attached to these 6 wooden posts. Altogether about 35 meters of Douglas wood.

Decking Terrace

Under the Douglas pergola we find a nice seat on the deck. This deck rests on hardwood slats. The wood we used for the decking is Douglas wood, a hard coniferous wood. In terms of color, this fits nicely with the pergola.

Slate Pavement

There is a terrace against the house. From there, walk down the stairs and come to the path that leads to the back of the garden. Along the way you will find the raised borders on your right and the Douglas pergola, decking and shed on your left.

A coated tile was chosen for the paving. This is a concrete tile with a layer of slate motif on top. So the surface is uneven, the structure of slate. This top layer has a coating that ensures that this tile is low-maintenance.

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