Can You Lose Weight With Yoga

Can You Lose Weight With Yoga? – Tips to Burn Calories With Yoga

Using Yoga to lose weight is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Yoga still has a vague or dull image for many people, but the opposite is true!

Because Yoga is becoming more and more popular, new and more physically challenging forms of Yoga are emerging to help you lose weight. Bikram Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga are examples of this.

These yoga forms are pretty intensive, so you burn calories and lose weight through Yoga. Every form of Yoga is different and has different purposes. Due to this variation, Yoga has become more accessible to many people in recent years and is increasingly seen as a form of sport!

Can You Lose Weight With Yoga

This article explains how you can burn calories and lose weight with Yoga.

Can You Lose Weight With Yoga?

Yes, Yoga makes it possible to lose weight safely and healthily. Because you move a lot during the yoga session, you burn calories, losing weight during Yoga.

However, losing weight is not the primary goal for many yoga practitioners. The combination of exercise and relaxation often results in improved mental health, so that Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle.

4 Reasons Why You Can Lose Weight With Yoga


One of the most important aspects of losing weight is burning calories. As described above, you move the body during the yoga exercises to burn calories and therefore lose weight.

With intensive yoga styles, such as Bikram Yoga and Power Yoga, you burn more calories and lose weight faster than with calm yoga styles, such as Yin Yoga or Hatha Yoga.

When losing weight is one of the main reasons for your yoga session, it is, therefore, best to choose a form of Yoga that burns a lot of calories.

Yoga Reduces Stress

Yoga often has a calming effect. You are in a concentrated way working with your body and the movements you perform with your body. This allows you to forget the hustle and bustle of the day for a while, which lowers your stress level.

Yoga is often combined with meditation. When you feel stressed, the body produces extra energy. The body often stores this energy as fat. Because Yoga has a calming effect and you can control yourself better, you also suffer less from binge eating.

Because yoga practitioners generally experience less stress, practicing Yoga has a positive effect on losing weight and burning calories.

Blood Flow to Muscles and Organs Is Stimulated

Yoga exercises use many different muscles. You use more muscles than in everyday life or other forms of exercise, such as walking and cycling. The various yoga exercises stimulate muscles and pump more oxygen-rich blood through your body.

This ensures that the unnecessary waste products in your body are removed faster, which positively affects your organs and ensures a better waste process.

Improved Digestion and Hormone Balance

The yoga exercises in which you rotate the body ensure better digestive system functioning. When the digestive system works properly, you build up less fat, which ensures that you gain weight less quickly and lose weight more easily.

In addition to improving digestion, Yoga is also suitable for balancing your hormones. This makes the thyroid gland work better, resulting in an improved metabolic system.

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