6 Best Tennis Balls Reviews

In addition to the well-known gas-filled and pressureless tennis balls, you can also choose from a wide range of stage balls. These are red, green, or orange tennis balls depending on the type.

Which type you ultimately choose and whether you decide to go home with a white or pink or colored set of tennis balls; remains a personal choice. We have already selected 6 toppers, including the advice mentioned in the online reviews.

6 Best Tennis Balls Reviews

6 Best Tennis Balls Reviews

Take a look at the options, and maybe you’ll go home with the set of lowest-priced tennis balls. Or do you prefer the most popular and best brands such as Dunlop tennis balls or the famous Slazenger Wilson tennis balls?

1. Tecnifibre Xld – 4 Pieces Pressureless Tennis Balls

Are you looking for a suitable set of tennis balls for use during training and leisure time? Then it is worth taking a closer look at this tin with 4 pieces from the well-known brand Tecnifibre XLD.

The pressure-free tennis balls guarantee optimal bounce and a long lifespan, which makes them popular with many players. This bounce and durability are of course, due to the materials used.

Tecnifibre Xld

For example, the Tecnifibre XLD tennis balls are made of high-quality Enduro Formula rubber in combination with a 40% natural felt layer. Suitable to complete training sessions on artificial grass, gravel and hard court.

A look at the online reviews immediately shows that the XLD tennis balls can, without a doubt be counted among the best tennis balls by far. Customers react positively to the quality, durability and user-friendliness, among other things, and they also appreciate the price tag.


Budget-friendly: whether this concerns an offer or one of the cheapest sets from the list remains to be seen. Nevertheless, customers are satisfied with the price-quality ratio.

Set: the set consists of no less than 4 separate pressure-free tennis balls, suitable during training sessions and for use in leisure time.

Material: the tennis balls are equipped with a significant amount of Enduro Formula rubber and are also finished with a felt layer consisting of no less than 40% natural felt.

Easy to use: the combination of the materials ensures that these tennis balls guarantee an optimal bounce force and long lifespan.


Not gas-filled: if you are looking for a set of gas-filled tennis balls during matches, this product is not the best recommendation.

2. Dunlop Fort Max TP KNLTB Tennis Balls

With the Dunlop Fort TP KNLTB, you choose a set of competition-worthy tennis balls compared to the previous product.

Moreover, according to specific sources, the Dunlop Fort is considered the official tennis ball of the Dutch KNLTB (Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association). It is therefore worth taking a closer look at this 4-piece set.

Dunlop Fort Max

For example, the tin contains no less than 4 gas-filled tennis balls. Each ball is characterized by a high-quality and highly durable carbon inner core combined with a unique outer yellow felt layer.

This combination of different materials also ensures perfect bouncing and playing properties on any type of surface.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many customers honor these tennis balls because of their unique quality, user-friendliness, and optimal durability. This immediately results in an excellent average final score of 4.8 stars.


Set: the tennis balls are supplied per 4 pieces in sturdy tin packaging.

Type: unlike the previous product, 4 gas-filled tennis balls come in handy during matches and tournaments.

Material: the combination of the carbon inner core and the unique yellow felt layer on the outside contributes to durability and optimal bouncing and playing properties.


No children: these tennis balls are slightly less suitable for very young players because of their exceptional bouncing ability.

3. Tretorn Plus – Tennis balls

With the Tretorn Plus tennis balls, you again opt for a set of pressure-free tennis balls offered to you in a sturdy package consisting of 4 pieces.

They are characterized by a more natural rubber core, which contributes to an optimal bounce and guarantees pleasant playing characteristics.

Tretorn Plus

But that is of course not all, because the Tretorn tennis balls were afterward finished with a beautiful premium woven Flex-Felt felt layer, which in turn guarantees a constant ball flight and ditto ball control.

In short, this set of tennis balls is ideal for use on all-weather courts and can also prove its worth during the winter months. The excellent score of 4.6 stars and the many positive customer reactions already seem to confirm that we are dealing with a top product.

Please note; the balls are not finished with a so-called “high visibility coating” and appear less suitable for young players.


Packaging: The Tretorn Plus tennis balls are supplied in sturdy packaging consisting of 4 pieces.

Type: It concerns 4 pressureless tennis balls characterized by their unique bouncing and playing properties.

Material: The natural rubber core is effortlessly combined with a premium woven Flex-Felt yellow felt layer on the outside.

Price tag: Many customers find the price more than justified in terms of quality and therefore give a positive final assessment in terms of value for money.


No high visibility: Unlike some other tennis balls, this set was not finished with a high visibility coating.

4. Babolat Team – Tennis Balls

With the tennis balls from Babolat Team, you again opt for a set consisting of 4 gas-filled tennis balls that are incredibly suitable for leading matches and tournaments.

The high-performance gas-filled tennis balls are characterized by a sturdy rubber inner core combined with a striking yellow Extra Feel felt layer, contributing to unique bouncing and playing characteristics.

Babolat Team

But that’s not all, because the Babolat Team tennis balls – supplied in a matching storage tube – were finished with a so-called “high visibility coating” and 100% ITF approved. In addition, they are considered official tennis balls during the well-known ATP World Tour.

Although the tennis balls are positively received by many customers and are rewarded with no less than 4.2 out of 5 stars, they are less suitable for use by very young players. The high bounce makes it difficult for young children to react to the ball in time.


Tube: The tube contains no less than 4 separate gas-filled Babolat Team tennis balls.

Material: The inner core is made of natural rubber, while the outside has been chosen for a striking yellow felt layer.

Easy to use: The materials used to guarantee an optimal bounce as well as unique playing characteristics and a considerable lifespan.


No children: If you are looking for a set of decent tennis balls for children, then this product is not the best possible recommendation.

5. Wilson Tour Competition Tennis Balls

Can it all be that bit more, and are you looking for a compelling match ball? Then it is worth taking a closer look at this Wilson Tour Competition set consisting of no less than 8 gas-filled tennis balls.

Unlike other gas-filled tennis balls, the Wilson Tour Competition ball has a production consisting of a combination of high-quality wool on the one hand and durable felt on the other.


This results in an optimal bounce and unique playing characteristics and more extended durability, regardless of surface type.

Although the Wilson Tour Competition tennis balls are known for their playability, durability, and consistency – and are also ITF and KNLTB approved – no online comments have been posted. This makes it very difficult to give you further advice about any customer experiences.


Tournament: The Wilson Tour Competition ball is ITF and KNLTB approved, making it an official competition ball.

Material: the combination of high-quality wool and extra-durable felt are central to the production of the Wilson Tour Competition.

Packaging: you enjoy double packaging consisting of no less than 8 individual gas-filled tennis balls at a justified price tag.


No children: These tennis balls are less suitable for young and novice players because of the hardcore.

6. Set of 3x Colored Soft Foam Tennis Balls

We conclude the list with this set of colored tennis balls offered to you by the brand “Summerplay”. The collection consists of no less than 3 separate tennis balls with a diameter of 7 cm and finished in beautiful, striking colors including red, yellow and blue.

This makes the set extra attractive for young and novice tennis players. Unlike the previous products in this selection, the colored tennis balls are made of durable soft foam material.

Foam Tennis Balls

Consequently, they have a relatively soft core, resulting in a less high bounce power. This makes them highly suitable for very young players who do not always find the reflex to hit the ball immediately.

Although this set seems to have everything to write home about at first glance, no comments have been posted to this day. This does not make it easy for us to give you further advice about possible customer reactions.


Packaging: the packaging contains a set consisting of 3 colored tennis balls.

Design: the tennis balls immediately stand out because of their unique design in which red, blue and yellow balls are central.

Material: The tennis balls are made of durable soft foam material, they are incredibly suitable for young and novice tennis players.

Budget-friendly: its budget-friendly price tag makes the set a little bit extra attractive.


No competitions: because of the materials used and the low bounce capacity, these colored tennis balls are less suitable than competition balls.

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